August 26, 2011


A Few Words From Me


Hey there! Thanks for visiting!

My name is Stefan. I’m interested in Photography since I was 8 years old. I remember my summer vacations, when I was spending day after day in the photo lab where my father’s cousin worked at that time. In the dark room, I was impressed by the “magic” which caused the images to appear on the white paper.

Many things have changed since that time – color films made everything to look “alive”, film cameras were replaced by digital, new lenses, new sensors, and more, and more…

The only thing that never changed is my love to Photography – the magic of colors and light, the moments you capture and preserve for the future generations. I want to share with you the energy, uniqueness and magical beauty of some of these moments – the way I saw them with my eyes.

I believe in the maxim, which says that a good picture is like a good joke – if you have to explain it – then it’s not that good. So, go forward, and enjoy the journey! Hope you’ll remember it!

A Few Words Said About Me

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