Who Are We

We are Maria and Stefan, a husband and wife team of professional photographers, passionate about beauty, art and love. We began our journey as professional fine art, portrait, and product photographers over a decade ago.

Our interest in wedding photography sparked when we were planning our own wedding in 2014. While we were going through thousands of portfolios, we realized that the sense of balance and the style of the photographer play significant role. Therefore, the transition from fine art to wedding photography was a natural step for us. We believe that wedding photography is a form of art and our inspiration is the unique connection between two people in love. Refined composition, alluring lighting and most of all capturing the pure moments of joy and affection are our definition of a perfect picture and that is what we’ve specialized in for years.

Routine bridal poses could easily be learned but perfecting the delicate balance of light and shadows requires extensive practice. We are determined to give every couple nothing but the best. It is an honor for us when a couple gives us the chance to tell their one and only love story and preserve their tale forever.

Awards & Recognition

2009: 1st place – Beach Camera: photo contest with theme “Winter”

2014: 1st place – Canon photo contest “Celebrate 100 million EF lenses”

Contact Us

Phone: 215-584-0385

Email: photo@stefig.net